The World of the Married


The World of the Married is loosely based on the BBC UK’s most popular TV show called “Doctor Foster”

The story is family hood and trust. Ji Sun Woo is from the medical field. She is a doctor who is married to a loving man, Lee Tae Oh. They both have a son together. Theirs lives are changed the moment Lee Tae Oh walks into a relationship outside of their marriage.

As adults and as a family, they have alot to figure out? Find out?

Airing on: Mar 27, 2020

Also known as: 부부의 세계, Bubuui Segye , The World of a Married Couple , The World of Husband and Wife , The Couple’s World , Couple’s World , World of Couples , The World of Couples , The World of the Couple , A Married Couple’s World , Boobooui Sekye , The Married Life , A World of Married Couple


Status: Ongoing

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