The Red Sleeve Cuff (2021)


“The Red Sleeve Cuff” tells the story of the birth mother of Crown Prince Moon Hyo, who started as a court lady and rose to the position of a royal concubine of the highest rank.

Song Dok Im (Lee Se Young) is a court lady who wants to make her own decisions about her life, rather than being one of the king’s many women. Although her daily life was once peaceful, things change dramatically when she meets Lee Sang, who is to become the king of Joseon, Jeonjo.

Lee Sang (Lee Chun Ho) is a proud and meticulous crown prince, the eldest grandson of the king. Li Sang makes endless efforts to become a good and wise ruler, but is traumatized after the death of his father, Crown Prince Sado. At court, he meets Sung Deok Im and falls in love with her. He tries to convince her to become his official concubine.

Based on the novel of the same name by Kang Mi Kang.

Original Network: MBC;

Also known as: 옷소매 붉은 끝동 Ot Somae Bolkeun Kkeutdong Ossomae Bulgeun Kkeutdong Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong Dress Sleeved Red/  The Red Sleeve Cuff /Red Cuff of the Sleeve /Red End of Clothes and Sleeves

Airs from 05.11.2021 to Fridays and Saturdays at 22:00


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Air Date: Nov 05, 2021

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