Tell Me What You Saw


This suspense-thriller drama focuses on the life of Oh Hyun Jae who is a talented detective. However, a serial killer explodes a bomb that kills his fiance. He goes into a shell and loses passion for life and work. Cha Soo Young is recently hired agent into the team due to her exceptional memory and problem solving skills. She is ordered to partner with Oh Hyun to solve crimes. Find out whether they both can work as a team to catch the killer?

Also known as: 본대로 말하라 / Bondaero Malhara / Bondaelo Malhala / Talk as You See / Speak as Seen / Say It as You See It / Speak as You See / Call It Like You See It / Say What You Saw


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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5 Comments to “Tell Me What You Saw

  1. I guest this movie inspired by “Bones” that played by Denzel washington & angelina jolie. Its about serial killer too.. the profiler are paralize and theres a woman cop that help him solve the case.

  2. There is a big similarity to the story and character portrayed by Jang Hyuk in the movie Voice .im a bit curious why ?

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