Summer Night Sky, Autumn Sunset, Winter Morning and Spring Breeze


An omnibus featuring four stories about the four seasons. 1: “With you when cherry blossoms bloom” Elementary school teacher Naoya has just quit his job for his wife, Mana. Naoya spent the remaining time with Mana. 2: “Natsuyozora” Yumi Tanaka who goes to Ashiya Junior High School and Watanabe Kosugi who is a childhood friend. Kosugi decides to move because Kosugi’s mother will be remarried. 3: “Sometimes maple-colored” Yamato, a high school student who had been in a fight every day, started boxing from a chance encounter with Yasuda and grew to the national level. In the fall of the third year of high school, Yasuda invited Yamada to ask him if he would like to have a dream together at the university, but he decided to receive a recommendation. 4. “Winter Fluffy” Ayako Kikuchi became a leather craftsman and started to open a leather workshop in Tokyo under the influence of her dead father. Although there was a design sense, the competition was not adopted and it was not popular with customers. Ayako begins to worries, “I’m fine with the design … what’s missing …”.

Also known as: 夏の夜空と秋の夕日と冬の朝と春の風 , Tokidoki Momiji Iro , 時々もみじ色 , Natsuyozora , Natsu no Yozora to Aki no Yuuhi to Fuyu no Asa to Haru no Kaze


Status: Completed

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Summer Night Sky, Autumn Sunset, Winter Morning and Spring Breeze full episodes

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