Meow, the Secret Boy


Fantasy based romantic drama featuring the life of Sol Ah. She is a recognized visual designer with a lot of dreams. One of her dreams is to create web series which will make her happy. She is an ardent cat lover who always trys to find the positives in life despite the

However her love life is rather non-existent which is why she finds comfort in her pets. She brings a cat to home one day which basically changes her life forever. This cat is no ordinary cat as it can trans-morph into its Human Form and it has a name, Hong Jo. As a cat, he enjoys the care and attention he gets from his owner that he starts liking her.

Will Sol Ah ever find out the person hiding as the Cat? Will they ever be together?

Also Known as: 어서와 / Sigppang Gubneun Namja / Sikbbang Goobneun Namja / Eosowa / Man Who Bakes Bread / The Man Who Bakes Bread / Man Who Toasts Bread / Man That Bakes Bread / Come Here / Come On / Welcome Home / Welcome / Meow the Secret Boy


Status: Completed

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Meow, the Secret Boy trailer

7 Comments to “Meow, the Secret Boy

  1. The concept of cat becoming human was interesting.. but the story line is quite boring.. am i the only one who felt so ..

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