Love With Flaws


Joo Seo Yeon works as a P.E. teacher. She is simple and down to earth. She is not interested in handsome men because she grew up around 3 handsome brothers. The type of guy that interests her is someone who is real and simple.
In comes everyone’s favorite handsome guy – Lee Kang Woo who enjoys all the attention he gets. In the past, he got ditched for being ugly and this led to his obsession with looking good always.
By fate or luck, Lee Kang Woo meets Joo Seo Yeon, they never agree on anything from the start. But with time, they start feeling for each other.

Also known as: 하자있는 인간들 / Hajaissneun Ingandeul / Defective people / Love With Flaws


Status: Completed

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Love With Flaws trailer

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  1. I can’t wait to watch EP 9 onwards.. This drama is quite a happy pill… I really love it..

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