Designated Survivor: 60 Days


The drama revolves around Park Moo-Jin, a former chemistry professor, now the Minister of Environment. As a politician he doesn’t have any personal beliefs or ambition. He lives his life with simplicity and decency. One day, when the high ranking government officials gathered together to talk on some sensitive issues, an explosion takes place, and President and all other leaders died except Park Moo-Jin.

He is the only high-ranked minister left, so he has to take charge as an acting President for 60 days. He starts searching for the masterminds behind the explosion, and his only ambition becomes to make his country a better place to live.

Also known as: 60일 – 지정생존자 / Jijeongsaengjonja / 지정생존자 / Designated Survivor / 60-il – Jijeongsaengjonja / 60 Days, Designated Survivor


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Designated Survivor: 60 Days trailer

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