365: Repeat the Year


10 people, who dream of having a perfect life, travel back in time to 1 year ago. They are able to reset their lives there, but mysterious cases take place that threatens their lives.

Ji Hyung Joo is a veteran detective and he has 7 years of work experience. He gets an opportunity to travel one year into the past. He enjoys his life that has been reset, but he learns that people who have traveled back in time, like him, are involved in mysterious cases. He tries to reveal the truth behind that.

Shin Ga Hyun is a webcomic writer. She has published her popular webcomic series “Hidden Killer” for the past 3 years. Shin Ga-Hyun is a workaholic and sensitive perfectionist. One day, she has a sudden accident. The accident turns her life into hell. At this time, she receives a proposal to travel back in time, to one year ago. Shin Ga-Hyun resets her life, but she faces an unexpected case.

Adapted from the Japanese novel “Repeat”.

Also known as: 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년 / 365: Unmyeongeul Geoseuleuneun 1nyeon / 365: Woonmyungeul Geoseureuneun 1nyeon / 365: 1 Year Against Destiny / 365 : A Year of Defying Fate / 365: One Year Against Destiny


Status: Ongoing

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    1. Anyeong!,on behalf of the uploader of this video, sorry. But may i remind you that because of the covid, the disease that had been spreading nowadays, some of the upcoming movies, drama or even concerts of our fav. Idols had been cancelled because of this matter…just sayin’ again mianhamnida!…

  1. Only 12 episodes. The finale was alright i thought she will die but bcoz of reset she was save. Thank u so much on this series i’ve enjoyed watching it though short but it serves it’s purpose.

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