True Beauty (2020)


Im Joo Kyung is a high schooler who is upbeat and positive about most things – except for her appearance! She hates the idea of being seen in public without makeup, but fortunately has become a self-taught makeup expert, with a little help from a plethora of internet video tutorials. What she has learned online has transformed her life. At school, she is known as one of the prettiest girls in class – although she secretly lives in fear of her schoolmates discovering what she looks like behind the makeup! In fact, there is only one person from school who has ever seen her minus her “mask” – Lee Su Ho. He is a top-grade student with impressive basketball skills. He is also dashingly handsome, and many of his female classmates have a crush on him. However, Lee Su Ho harbors a few dark secrets from his past, and shuns attention in class. Slowly, these two individuals become drawn together – and learn more about one another’s secrets!

Director: Kim Sang Hyeob [김상협]

Also known as: 여신강림 여신강림 Yeoshinkangrim The Secret of Angel


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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119 Comments to “True Beauty (2020)

  1. I thought this drama had agood ending but it finished without any ending.. It was a waste of time watching coz mainleads are not together.. Kim jojo is so heartless.. Uh it is only half.. The drama maker left a cliffhanger before ending drama..

    1. You do realise this is a series which means the story is broke into multiple episodes and it is difficult to get ahold of these episodes this person is doing well and is very kind to be sharing such episodes to is all.

    2. Kim jojo? Are you talking about love alarm? It has a season 2 which completes the story. This is TRUE BEAUTY. And it’s not completed it has 16 episodes.

  2. It is quite an interesting and funny story. The girl with acne acts naturally in this drama.

  3. Guys ep 7 and 8 is gonna air next week as it was delayed due to a supporting cast contracting covid and due to new year special show .

  4. what is wrong with the update?
    it is been 11 freaking days ,and it is still the same!!!!
    where are rest of the episodes???

    1. it’s just how the episodes are being aired. They air two episodes in one week (on wednesdays and thursdays) and then there’s a one week interval where nothing is aired. Hope that made sense 🙂

  5. The episode isn’t release last week because it was replaced with New Year’s events program. The new ones will be released starting January 7th. Please be patient

  6. reading some comments while waiting for the next episode, people seemed impatient waiting for the next released episode. Well, actually I also can’t wait to watch the next episode and keep checking it on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you for the uploader who has worked hard giving the best subs for us to enjoy the movie.

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