Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2


A story of a doctor called Kim who extends meaning to romance while working in the Dol Dam Hospital. He is talented and smart. One of his student is Cha Eun Jae who is gifted herself and talented while another student Seo Woo Jin is a moody person due to his tough childhood but he shows exceptional skills when he is doing his operations.

Find out how people with contrasting personalities come together for one cause and how they can find themselves to inspire one another in this Hospital

Also known as: 낭만닥터 김사부2 / Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo 2 / Romantic Doctor Kim 2 / Dr. Romantic 2 / Doctor Romantic 2


Status: Completed

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 trailer

22 Comments to “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

  1. A wonderful story again!😍 i hope it will be air again in the philippines romantic doctor 2 at GMA Network😘🙂

  2. A wonderful story again!😍i hope it will be air again in the philippines romantic doctor 2 at GMA Network🤗🙂

  3. 😍❤️❤️ much much better than season 1 I love it .. always love the way he handled the situation in the OR and the people like mr. Do all the sarcastic people who come in the hospital.he reminds me of some one. Love all so the medical stuff of💪💪💪 love you all.

    1. I was hoping for the same thing. But I doubt it will happen. Dr. Kang has a new upcoming medical drama.

  4. I wanted to know if I have not yet looked at Dr.Romantic 1 and that I am looking directly at Dr.Romantic 2 will that cause me a problem? Will I be confused or it doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen it yet

  5. When season 3 is going to release please, I’m missing my kang don jo and crazy whale. Kim 💪💪

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