Oh! My Gran (2020)


The granny with dementia is the only witness of the day. In her mind, Moon Hee is ‘Secret Jouju’, the princess in TV animation. In reality, Moon Hee is a granny with Alzheimer’s disease cared by her son, Du Won and the grand-daughter, Bo Mi. On one secret night-out with Bo Mi, Bo Mi gets a hit-and-run accident. Moon Hee is the only witness, but she rather mumbles the nonsense. Bo Mi stays in a coma and the police can’t help. Now Du Won has to track down that culprit with a few pieces of the vehicle and his mother’s might-be-meaningful gibberish.

Also known as: O! Mun Hui , Oh! Moon Hee , O! Munhui


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Oh! My Gran (2020) full episodes

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