Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

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5 Comments to “Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

  1. Ep 4 was so good. I’m not a fan of rom-com but this is so fun to watch. The whole show could be just about the 2 leads arguing and I wouldn’t complain. The acting from the 2 leads is great. Kim Yoo Jung, you got me, I’m gonna follow you in everything you do from now on!!

  2. I’ve been avoiding this drama cuz of all the comments so I decided to watch it when the episodes is all out but When I saw the ratings just now I had to scream. It’s only been 4 eps out so far and the hate this drama is receiving is much! It’s like people don’t watch dramas for fun and entertainment anymore but for criticism smh.

  3. Positive thoughts. Deeply moral message. Laughing of loud 😂. Don’t jugde the book by cover. Love to watch this…

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