A Girl’s World


High School friendship can be the most memorable and sometimes the most hurtful too. “A Girl’s World” is a story of three friends who are polar opposites in their behavior.

Oh Na Ri is a victim of her own thinking. She think she is ugly in comparison to her other two friends.

Im Yoo Na is considered the prettiest of the three and she is aware of it and gets a lot of fake attention from people which she is tired of.

Seo Mi Rae is focused on making a career in TV and is very popular at the school. Among her many fans, Oh Na Ri is one of them.

Can these friends find the best in each other and help them achieve success in their adult hood?

Airing on: Apr 30, 2020

Also Known as: 소녀의 세계, Odd Girl Out , Sonyeoui Segye , Girl’s World


Status: Upcoming

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